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Release Date: 14.07.22

POV: You're at a 2008 party and you need to use a bathroom.

You find yourself in a public restroom.

You explore the place and when you get inside of the empty cabin a guy next to your cabin askes for some toilet paper.

After giving what he wants, he slides you a note with the message: "STAY IN THE CABIN!".

What you gonna do..?

When you get out of the cabin, you notice that the escape door is gone... Now you have to find out if that guy trapped you, or is he trapped with you..?

The game has:

  • Multiple endings
  • Strange dialogues
  • Outdated memes

In this game you can:

  • Make choices
  • Solve puzzles
  • Cry
  • Try to escape with your new partner or alone
  • Solve the mysteries of this place

Every choice you make gets you to a different ending.

This is the first part of the game, other parts will come as free DLCs.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ToiletChronicles.zip 179 MB

Development log


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i absolutely cannot wait for more 

can you make it free


you can get it on steam just search it up on steam



I just got it after 3 months, out of pressure



Lol, little shit's mom said no game for you, eh? 


I loved playing your game, it was very comical and unique and I am wondering if I can post the video of me playing it on my youtube channel called Storyly Games

of course

Thank you, I loved your game it was very unique and funny, I put a very short clips on my other social media channel and put the game name in either in post or comments, hope it helps advertise your game .

Youtube video is here just in case you are curious. Thank you again 


Hey Madi, 

I was looking for the melody that you used in the ending of Toilet Chronicles. I loved it! And I just wanted to listen it more. And this is the only communication way that I can find to reach you. If it is possible, could you please assist me how can I listen that great piece? 

In case you need my contact: 🙃 cantheozmen@gmail.com


Thanks, I just uploaded this soundtrack on YouTube: 


Advocate for the speedrunning community

Why is the gas station there?

Ha, it was an early game idea, to teleport to some random places where you can experience 'funny' feelings. Night gas station, empty cinema, train etc.

Mi experiencia en español. Totalmente delirante jaja. Buen trabajo!!

Hi, i am a player from italy and i really loved your game.

I was wondering if you were working or interested in developing support for multiple languages, including Italian. I would be happy to help you with the translation and the localization in Italian.

My email is nicolopaga00@gmail.com

Thank you! I'm not planning making localization yet, but I saved your email for future projects;)

This game highlights a fear that all of us have inside us... Taking a mighty dump in a public toilet. The Dev's have done a fantastic job at making the game both quirky and playful but also strange and ominous at the same time. If you liked Stanley parable you'll love this! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "would poop again"

I Cannot Believe how fun This Game Was Im Extremely Excited For The DLC, You Do some pretty amazing work Keep It Up!!!!

I absolutely LOVED this game. It was such a fun play even with how short it is! Looking forward to the next game!

can u bring back the demo version i really wanna play

had a super fun time playing can't wait to do more vids on this game :)

Gosh this game is good lol

we need demo NOW!!

canu bring back the demo version

What engine did you use to create this game?

Unreal Engine 4

I just wanted to take a poop in peace.

where and how do I get the demo?


can you please make it free i really wanna play it

i'm sorry but. this is his game. that's what he's doing man:(

where do you prefer we buy it; itch or steam?


i just dont know who takes a higher percent of the sale


it's just I don't think I am allowed to share such information

(buy here) 

done and done. loved the demo. can't wait to give the full version a go. <3

how much it will be the price of this game?



thank you :)

why dont you just put the game here? its this a fake website to try to get it theres no demo do you have to wishlist and wait 3 days?

Demo isn't available now, because the full game is releasing on 14.07.22 at 2:00pm PDT, both here and on Steam

Can you upload the game on itch.io please??

PS: i don't have Steam

The game will be released on 14.07.22 on Steam and itch.io

Ok, thanks


hey it's like for android i loved this game it's funny and cool climate very silent and kinda scary haha😅 very cool game had a demo for android it would be really cool

love the demo! Is that advertisement spot still available?

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You can contact me: bomi1337@gmail.com


Absolutely hilarious and beautifully made demo! The different endings are so fun to get and I cannot wait for the full game to come out! I might never poop the same again

Hold the poop! Full game is coming soon!

when? i want to play the game...


I loved the demo! Love the lil camera jumpscare, great stuff!   I wasnt sure if you could get all 12 deaths in the demo ?


Thanks! There are only 7 endings(0-6) in the demo, full game will have all 12(or more)


i am going to try this game. it looks interesting.

Thanks, you can play the demo on steam until the end of next week! Full game will also be published here